We can help you shop ....

We know how overwhelming it can be to navigate through the endless options out there. Why not hire Design Studio 143 to help you shop? We can help provide ideas on colour choice, materials, size etc. - whether for a piece of furniture, kitchen finishes, flooring, wall coverings or any element and accessory you may need.  

This service reduces the risk of making a purchase you may regret later and we can be booked for as little as one hour at a time.

...or gain access to designer showrooms at discount pricing.

If you can't find what you're looking for at the big box stores - Design Studio 143 offers special access to designer showrooms that the public can't access, and all at designer discount pricing! Don't settle for what you see everywhere - let us help you find those special pieces that will set your home apart.

Need new furniture? Consider going custom .....

Did you know that for similar cost to the big box stores, you can access quality, Canadian made custom furniture? And all with the fabric, style and comfort of your choice? Just think of the endless possibilities! 


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